I study Computer Science and Honors Mathematics here. I have taken classes in Machine Learning, Numerical Linear Algebra, and Computational Statistics, amongst others.

University of Michigan

I also conduct Mathematics research under Dr. Bogdan Vioreanu in Numerical Analysis. In the past, I've worked with Dr. Elizabeth Bruch on a Bayesian Network recommedation system for relationships.


I participate as a software developer in this student-run startup. In our first year, we developed and tested a sensor to detect the presence of bilirubin in an infant's blood as a means of predicting the on-set of jaundice and need for critical care.

Rural Innovations in Medical Engineering

I enjoy using this site and I am active user. I am interseted in Data Science, philosophy, and economics. Follow my thoughts and curiosity.



Find matches in a Tinder-like service just by using your voice. Utilizes Natural Language Toolkit for NLP and user scoring, Firebase for storage, and serviced through an Android app. Based on the findings of this paper.


Made the blog using Bootstrap, JQuery, and Wordpress.

ChalkFly Blog

Work Experience

I worked on the data visualization of highly dimensional data on the UX Engineering Team in the Corporate and Investment Bank in Manhattan, NYC.

J.P. Morgan Chase

I worked on HTML/jQuery/CSS on the front-end of the blog. Fixed bugs in the PHP Magento backend. Implemented Lucene for search in an external promotional site.